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Block fields with UI rule?

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Block fields with UI rule?

Hello, my last thread didn't appear, I guess I'll have to repost.

My company would like to rename the field's name and label (e.g. "A Level" to "B Level"), but quickly found out that the items previously created would also be affected, as I would be changing the label on a Form level.

I'm currently working on trying to block a field based on the creation date. Essentially from a certain date and then onwards, any forms created would have a certain field blocked (not writable) or perhaps hidden.

My current findings indicate that it is not possible with using UI or DB rules, so I've come to 2 options:

1)Create a new form altogether with that field removed and a new one takes its place. This should leave the old field with its values intact in old records.

2)Create the new field that's intended to replace the old field (position it underneath in the form) and try to block the old field through the usage of folders and roles. However I found this path to be littered with hazards, especially when accounts have multiple roles.

Does anyone have other suggestions on to how to achieve the blocking/greying out of a field after a certain condition is met?

We are using V4.5 SP12.
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Re: Block fields with UI rule?

My previous thread appears! The net is slow today!