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Avoiding multiple OVSD console user opening same calls

Shivshankar Yad
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Avoiding multiple OVSD console user opening same calls


We are using Server Desk Server 5.1 SP3 on HPUX enviroment. We have many users in the HELPDESK so lots of time two helpdesk agent modifys the same call at same moment,
How can we avoid multiple OVSD console user opening the same call at same moment??

Ruth Porter
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Re: Avoiding multiple OVSD console user opening same calls

Hi there,

There is not much you can do in the tool - generally you avoid this by process. This means looking at why 2 users are updating at the same time; surely a SD agent shoudl only update if they are the one investigating it (and the why not assign it to them to make it clear) or because the caller has some more information and again, only 1 SH agent should be handling this.

Best practice says the service desk owns the calls but you assign to other groups or engineers if the desk cannot handle. so we genearlly set the roles to say SD can update at any time while other engineers can only update while assigned to their group.

Hope this helps, Ruth
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Re: Avoiding multiple OVSD console user opening same calls

Hi Shiva,

We run 5.1 SP3 and similar issues. It often occurs when an analyst leaves a service call open while they are working on it and the service desk gets some additional infomration and updates the call. Then you get the dreaded merge errors and very frustrated staff members.

The best way that we have found to avoid this is to only have the call open (as in the form being open) while you are updating the call. Mind you, this does not always work well when there is information in the log that needs to be referred to. So, our standard practice is to press F5 (or click the refresh button) before updating and and then to save. It is a pain, but makes the best of a bad situation.

Ruth - I agree with you about best practices, but what I find is that not everyone wants "best practice". I know this sound odd, but there can be many reasons. A couple of the major ones are the culture of the organization and/or budget. I find senior management do not appreciate "becasue its best practice" as a reason. Sometime we have to take little steps :)

Shiva, I hope this helps as I understand the challange. Our old tool only let one person into a ticket at a time and everyone used to complain about that as well!

Good luck and best wishes for the holiday season.