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Availability action plan in ovsd?

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Availability action plan in ovsd?

Hello world.

There is any document talking about availability management process activity call availability action plan which using ovsd tool?

Base on this customer they are using all ITSM process and they need process enabling ovsd4.5 sp17 tool.

They want the service availability report that contain the availability action plan.
They want to use/manage availability action plan life cycle in ovsd tool.

Me myself and I propose to use work order that related to appropriate module record. But work order is not the final answer when they need to relate this action plan to more than one record.

Any advice and experience grating appreciate.
Robert S. Falko
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Re: Availability action plan in ovsd?

Hello Kriengsak,

In my experience, an Availability Plan is fairly high level, and this plan will often generate RfCs.

It will be easy for you the document the parts of the plan that are specifically changes in this way. You might group changes to an availability Project, or you might group work orders under an Availability Plan change.

The problem is that many of the actions undertaken in the context of an Availability Plan are difficult to assimilate to a change. Actions like "Get the latest reliability data from Cisco on the models of routers in use", or "review the strategy documents of the business lines and extract elements that impact IT service availability requirements" are exactly what you might expect in the process, and they are easily assigned via a work order, but they are hardly related to any changes (or problems).

Good luck,
Darren McGiffen
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Re: Availability action plan in ovsd?

Hi Kriengsak,

for Service availability the SLM module can provide som ebasic functionality.

for more information on how this can relate to your availability action plan life cycle there are some excellent help information from within the OVSD tool under the SLM and services section.

to provide more comprehensive reports for life cycle you may need to investigate using OVPI as it can report historically. (N.B. there may be some OVPI report pack issues with OVSD 4.5)

to Manage the complete lifecycle it may be better to use the change module and have multiple work orders as child processes within the parent chnage.

I hope this info helps,