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Automatic Workgroup Assignment

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Lori Silva_2
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Automatic Workgroup Assignment

Hello All,

Does anyone have a suggestion for the following:

We have a global change template with many work orders. Depending on the region of the person entering the change, we would like to automatically assign workgroups to the work orders.

For each region, there will be multiple workgroups for the work orders -- but based on the region, the workgroup assignment should always be the same.

Thanks, Lori
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Re: Automatic Workgroup Assignment

It depends if region/location field is available then you can use database rules to update the assignment to workgroup.

I am not sure but same thing might be possibble thru UI rule as assignment can be updated again depending on region field availability.
Robert S. Falko
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Re: Automatic Workgroup Assignment


If you have a lot of regions, you will probably need one rule per region and per set of additional conditions that define the workgroup for the assignment. This can quickly become extremely complex to manage.

Some other possibilities might be:
- have the information in templates, and have different roles according to the region. Each region's roles will see only its own templates (this solution, too, can become messy). You might also consider using folders to segment the work orders, if you want to have different view/write access to the work orders, depending on region.

- set up your algorithm for workgroup assignment using some external logic and the Web API. This is probably the most elegant solution.

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Re: Automatic Workgroup Assignment

In a similar situation I wrote UI rules to update the Assignment Work Group based on the values of other fields chosen in the form.

For other fields, code tables, WorkGroup values -- something clearly defined and repeatable work best.

Rule Example...
When an item is created or modified
Where Status =
Field x =
Set Assignment Workgroup Name to

I hope you don't have too many to do, I worte about 14 of these for our Change module but this is possible in Problem, Work Order, Change, Service Call... it just requires that you have the necessary information within that form and a consistent process from which to write a rule.

Be sure you check the box "Evaluate this rule when the field has been changed." when setting up the criteria.

Good luck!
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Lori Silva_2
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Re: Automatic Workgroup Assignment

Thanks All. all suggestions were very helpful as usual.