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Automatic Change CMDB after change call closed

Alok Chauhan
New Member.

Automatic Change CMDB after change call closed


I logged a service call in Service Desk and routed to change call for the part replacement ex(keyboard). After processing of work order and closing the change management with the new keyboard replament, the CI configuartion should change automatically which is not happening.

Please suggest for teh same. Any manual or document will be helpful to follow the process from scratch level.
Ramaprasad N
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Re: Automatic Change CMDB after change call closed

Hi Alok,

The changes to the CMDB happen only through work orders. When you create a new WO for a new keyboard, you need to add a new CI in the CMDB through WO. Also, you may wish to block the existing (old faulty) keyboard, which again has to be done through WO-CI relationships. Once this is done, the WO should be assigned to the IT staff/workgroup. When the WO is closed, the CMDB will be updated. By default, when the status of the WO is set to closed, a notification message will appear, asking whether the CIs need to be updated or not.