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Autofill of Users CI in SD5.10

Brian Hartley_1
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Autofill of Users CI in SD5.10

We are trying to configure OVSD so that a default CI (PC) is automatically filled up when the caller is selected.
We could not find the way to do this, despite help asked in the forum, even though it looks like an obvious requirement.
An other possibility would be to open a view with CI's belonging to the caller.

Any idea on how to do this (system configuration and/or UI rule).
Mike Khashan CA
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Re: Autofill of Users CI in SD5.10

The reason, is not straight forward to implement this functionality in SD, because the caller most likely to have more than one PC or more than one CI assigned to him to use or to own. However you might consider using sd_event to locate the CI with PC category and with the caller searchcode, this might work (not guaranteed).

Hope this will help.
Michael Daly_2
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Re: Autofill of Users CI in SD5.10


We have just gone up to SD-4.5(SP-20) and I can't find a way using UI rules of 'when a Caller is anything' getting a rule to add a CI related to the Caller (person) record.

We have CI's related to the Person records as our IT department use this relationship for internal charging but I couldn't find a way of populating the Config Item field on a Service Call when a new Caller was added to a field above.

The only solution I have seen that may come close is via the SLM module where a user is linked to a Service. A service in turn can have one or many CI's related to it such as an Email service. This Email service can have Servers, software, people all related to a single Service. When you enter the Caller (a person record) this looks up the related Service and indirectly which CI's are related. It's a better way of doing it as if one or more of the components that make up that Service are affected then the Service delivery can affect all related users.

There can be an initial overhead of setting up all the internal relationships but it's worth it in the long term.

I hope this helps.

Michael Daly