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Audit changes to history row

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Steve Liddle
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Audit changes to history row

Is it possible to audit changes to history rows?

Currently we are open to the following sequence of events:
- user A clicks the "Add" button to manually create a history entry
- user A Saves and Closes the call
- user B opens the same call
- user B Modifies the history entry created by user A

It looks like the history item was written by user A and there is no record of user B's activity.

Is it possible to track this kind of behavior or stop it from happening?

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Re: Audit changes to history row

Hello Steve,

You can modify the "History Line Service Call" view, and add the "Registration Modified by Display Name" field to it.

This will show an additional column showing the user who modified that specific history line record for each Service Call; it will not show you what changes were made though.

Randall Barrantes
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Lisa Denison
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Re: Audit changes to history row

You can prevent users from being able to modify History Lines created by other users through 'Detailed Item Access' for History Lines.

Eg for Service Calls - open up a role, click on 'Service Call' then the 'Details' button. On the 'History line' tab under 'Modify' restrict it to 'When created by user' so they cannot modify other people's history lines. Or, you could remove Modify access altogether so they can only create new History Lines, not modify existing ones.

To view if a History Line has been modified, add the 'Registration' field to the History Line form. The field will display Registration Created & Registration Created by, and if the history line was modified it will also display Registration Modified & Registration Modified by.

Hope that helps.

Steve Liddle
Trusted Contributor.

Re: Audit changes to history row

Thanks guys, both of these suggestions solve my problem.

Much appreciated.