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Attchment problem after moving the ftp service

Ahmed mansi
Regular Contributor.

Attchment problem after moving the ftp service

Dear sirs , we have SD 4.5 SP 15 when we migrate the ftp location (attched files) from application server a to server b ( we have balanced application servers ) , and active from the system panel the ftp attcahment location ,We cannot find any attchments on the cases ? we run the maintenace to fix the links we lost all attachments view on the cases . But at case attriubute attchments is exist . can any one help
Leiv Arild Ande
Valued Contributor.

Re: Attchment problem after moving the ftp service

It seems to me that your attachment configuration is wrong (Tools/System/System Panel/Attachment Settings), on at least one of the two application servers.

Firstly, try to use another FTP client, and connect to server b with the same username/password as configured into SD.
You should be able to fetch the attachment of any given call, unless the maintenance procedure you executed removed them.

The FTP server file structure is as follows under your FTP root directory:

$ser_oid may be found from the call number $servicecall_id as follows (using a SQL client to connect to your database server):

select ser_oid,ser_id from itsm_servicecalls where ser_id=$servicecall_id;

Running an attachment maintenance when the attachment settings are misconfigured could be dangerous; if the link between the database id's and the file structure is broken, the procedure will empty the attachment store because no calls is matching. This might be of no comfort, but is what I think happened to your system. Life is difficult every now and then...

Anyway, hope this helped :)