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Attachments and Web Console

Tom Grieve
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Attachments and Web Console

We are running SD4.5 with SP15, and cannot get attachments working from the Web Console.

They work fine from the full client, but when attaching them via the console, the following message is displayed;

Error when put file C:/Program Files/HP OpenView/SIP/tmp/Realtek.log to attachment server: Software caused connection abort: socket write error

I've tried with java sdk 1.4.2_04 and 1.4.2_10 without any luck. The web console is cleanly installed with no other java versions to confuse it

Has anyone seen this, and any ideas what it might be?

Oguz Kutlu Asi
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Re: Attachments and Web Console


This error can occur if something wrong with url string when you press button, which can be corrected by opening a call to HP. Another thing is, if the file you're uploading is greater than the limit defined in ftp server's configuration for file uploads, or timeout defined is too short, the ftp server will close the connection before upload completes, and you will get this error. But if you are able to attach with client, configurations must be correct.

Check also there is no firewall,antivirus etc. blocking connection to ftp via web, and try to change ftp settings of the browser like use passive ftp, if your ftp server supports passive ftp.
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