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Attachment saving

Yvonne Duxfield
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Attachment saving

Is there anyway of saving a doc with in SD? I don't want to have to file save as and reattach each time I make a change. (This is a list of things to do which the team are adding to each day)
Ramaprasad N
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Re: Attachment saving

You can configure the attachment settings (Administrator Console --> System Panel --> Attachment Settings) and then can attach the documents to any record (CI, Service call, Change, etc) in Service Desk. You need to have an FTP server, to store the attached documents. Please go through the OVSD Admin guide for more information.
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Re: Attachment saving

This week I have reported this issue to HP.
It is a Known Problem, and no solution planned.
Details below.
Regards TonJ

-----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
Van: Besson, Alain []
Verzonden: ma 7-11-2005 14:32
Aan: Jansen,A,Ton,JCECG2 R
Onderwerp: HP Openview Service Desk Case ID : 1209295615
Hello Ton,

I just took the ownership of call 1209295615 regarding SD 4.5 attachment issue.The issue you just submitted is a known issue and there exists already 2 Software Support Online documents in the Software Support Online Knowledge Base with IDs : ITSM004924 and ITSM005536 which reference it. As you can read in these documents , the attachment feature was redesigned for 4.5 and changes made to attachments are saved locally only, not on the FTP server which handles attachments.So the only way you have, on SD 4.5, to get the modified version on FTP server is to remove the old version and re-add the new one.
As you can read also in ITSM005536, it is not planned to implement another solution in SD 4.5.

You can access the documents directly on the HP Software Support Online Web site by clicking on the following URLs:

As defined by the process, I will close the call 1209295615 as the designed solution is provided in document ITSM004924.
If you have any questions or don't agree with the Software Support Online document,please don't hesitate to contact me.

Best Regards,
Alain Besson
HP Software Services EMEA
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Ruth Porter
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Re: Attachment saving

Hi Yvonne,

Instead of attaching it, you could put a hyperlink to a file on a shared drive ina text field (eg file://shared_drive_name/file_name) and this will then be available by right mouse click on the name of the field. See attached

Hope this helps