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Assignment Group Issue

Regular Collector

Assignment Group Issue

Hi All,

I have requirement to auto assign the Incidents if any perticular text is entered in the description field.

So i have written a fc for probsummary as:
if (brief.description in $file="Task Completed") then (assignment in $file="Network")

initial,add as "true"

So now when incident having this title"Task Completed" incident is getting assigned to "Network" team but when i am searching this ticket having ticket no. and assignment as Network in search form no ticket is got displayed.But when im going to that perticular ticket in the assignment its showing as "Network".

According to me issue is every time to assign a ticket to any team we need to click on the assignment fill button but in this case its not happening thats why i am facing this issue!!

Please help
Regular Collector

Re: Assignment Group Issue

So, is someone can suggest how to assign the ticket automatically as having the above title and taht ticket also get displayed in the "Search IM Ticket" having assignment group as "Network"
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Re: Assignment Group Issue

if you open the ticket and see Network in the assignment field. Are you able to then click on the fill button to verify that it the fill function would solve this?
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//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event