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Archive Service Calls

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Archive Service Calls


working on Sd4.5 with SP4.

I need to archive old servicecall data.

As I am doing it for the first time, can somebody pls help me with the steps to be taken to ensure data is not lost.

It would be of great help if the procedure is explained in details.

Thanks in advance,
George M. Meneg
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Re: Archive Service Calls


The point of "archiving" an item is to delete it from the db. Once the archiving is done an xml is produced but the data are forever lost and there is no easy way to import them back.

The only advise I could give is to ensure that in archive view all key elements are presented and having a db backup before doing that is always a good practise.
menes fhtagn
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Re: Archive Service Calls

Yes, be aware about what George M. Menegakis said.

In stead of archive old Service Calls you can create an extra folder to put into the old Service Calls. You can protect the folder with the old service calls, so that people can not view them anymore, but the Service Calls are still into your Database
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