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Approvals via Service Pages

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Approvals via Service Pages

Was working prior to upgrade from SP15 to SP17.

We have an email sent to approvers when a Workorder needs approval via Business rule. The approver will click on the URL in the email and then enter username/password then select the timezone... so far so good...

after clicking ok, all that is displayed is the Workorder number and "OK". (see screenshot). clicking on OK sends the user back to the user/password screen and the cycle continues...

Servicecall approval voting works ok via ServicePages and I have also checked the ApprovalVote.jsp file and it looks the same as the SP15 file.

Any thoughts or ideas appreciated.

Ruth Porter
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Re: Approvals via Service Pages

Hi Darren,

In SP17 they have brought in the ability to modify all email messages from SD; go to Tools>System>system Panel>email settings and go to the email templates tab. You will see there the approval message for each record type. Select the WO one and modify the message to be as you require. (and for any other record type you may need)

Hope this helps

Gyula Matics_1
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Re: Approvals via Service Pages

Do you receive the same URL in the approval email that you've received before the upgrade to SP17?

In SP17, you can modify the text of the email that is sent when an approval is needed. So if you've customized the email via localized text, and SP URL settings in the system panel, then you're probably getting the wrong URL now. The text (and URL) now can be customized in the system panel/email/email templates.
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Re: Approvals via Service Pages

Thanks for the replies...

the settings in system panel you refer to are for the email text that gets sent to the approver. This all works fine.

An approver can read the email and click the link successfully. After that they can enter a username/password/timezone. This works ok too.

I have just found out that there was a special script installed by HP for SP15 that allowed approvals for Workorder.

After speaking with the author of the script I found out that it's likely not compatible with SP17.

the file in question is web-api.jar in the servicepages/.../lib directory.

If I replace this file with the SP17 equivalent and restart Tomcat I'm hoping that all will be ok. way to find out...
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Re: Approvals via Service Pages

HP sent me a hotfix for the problem.

The issue was that the URL created by OVSD contained a "comma" (referred to as the group separator)

If I manually removed the comma from the URL it found the Approval page ok.

The hotfix corrected the problem and is fixed in SP18.
John Chalker
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Re: Approvals via Service Pages

If you are like me and cannot upgrade to SP18 (due to migration to 5.1) you can use my own hotfix.

In the Approval.jsp on line 76 add this code:

if (_Change.indexOf(',')!= -1) {
int chLen = _Change.length();
int chIndex = _Change.indexOf(',');
String t1 = _Change.substring(0, chIndex);
String t2 = _Change.substring(chIndex + 1, chLen);
_Change = t1+t2;

Basically it checks for a "," then strips it out. Now if your changes are over 1,000,000 then this will fail, but a million changes is not gonna happen with Service Desk.