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Approval through mail

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Approval through mail

I want the appovers to approve the request through mail,like a link attached to the mail.
please do tell how to do this can i configure the mail with link.
2.if the above can be done,should we insatll client or service page on the approvers system.
Steven De Smet
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Re: Approval through mail

This is build in functionallity.

First you need to check the box in the person records "send me an email when I need to approve an item".

You need to have the service pages installed on a server (could be your application server). The approver also needs a service pages account be this can be created automaticly the first time he logs in (be aware that his email address must be filled in and that you defined the email hostname in the admin console).

Select a initiator and then select the person (or group where the approver is part of) you want to be the approver, fill in the strategy and set the approval status to active.

The approver will receive an email with a link to the service pages.

You can also approve with the fat client, but then your approver will need to have a full account in stead of a spp account.
Mark O'Loughlin
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Re: Approval through mail


also set the "Server Pages Server Host Name" to ensure that the correct URL is sent in the approval e-mails

Admin console-System Panel-General Settings-Application