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Approval Votes

Edd Jackson

Approval Votes

Running SD 4.5 SP21.

I am getting slightly confused as to how Approval Votes works. I have created three work groups that are to be used as Approval Groups for Change Requests. However the Approval Votes uses individual templates assigned to users for the voting.

What is the association between the Approval Group (the work group) and the Approval User Templates?

Do I need to have both?

Do all Template Approval Votes users need to be set up in the Approval Work Group or are they seperate entities?

Can I only set the #ofApprovers by generating a rule or is there somewhere I can predefine it? As the rule I have set to trigger does not appear to activate. It is set on created or modified on a condition of Template = Support. Update Data - #ofApprovers = 3 and Approval Status = Active.

Also is the Approval Status only set after an entry in the #ofApprovers field?

Hope this makes sense.