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Approval Voters Email Notification

mohammed arafat
Regular Collector

Approval Voters Email Notification

Dears ,
Approval notification is not working , in bothe on servicecall & workorder ( Same Form),
i've turned on send me an e-mail if i need to approve anything and it did not work , i've also created a sperate rule on service call and work order
if status = to be approved
action send email to = [Approval;Approval Votes;Approver;Primary E-Mail Address]

sd = sd5.1 sp1
os = hp-ux 11.23
Occasional Visitor

Re: Approval Voters Email Notification

Hi there,
are you sure your e-mail server settings are correct. Are you able to send e-mail through the e-mail configuration?

Is Agent running?

Hope this helps,
Mark O'Loughlin
Honored Contributor

Re: Approval Voters Email Notification

Is email sending working ok in general.
Anything logged in the server log file?
Switch on the email debug, test again and check the log.

Do the approvers have valid internet email addresses in their person records?
mohammed arafat
Regular Collector

Re: Approval Voters Email Notification

guys ,
evrything is working fine , Email inbond and outbound , service call notification if a call is assigned to me , users email address is configured , application acccount is configured on the persons ,
name it i did it ,

what kills me i even created a db rule to send and email if i need to approve anything under workorders , and its not working
can any one tell me
what is the send to address atriputts to voters ??
i might be wrong though

Re: Approval Voters Email Notification

try hardcoding a email id and chk if its working ..

if it does...then you need to chk the rule.

When service call is created or modified
where NOT (Assignment;To Workgroup (*) is empty)
test snd mail (Send e-mail message)

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event