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Application Server Hanging (HP OV SD 4.5 SP12)

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Peter J Gray
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Application Server Hanging (HP OV SD 4.5 SP12)


One of my Application Servers has been crashing on a daily basis for the past week due to all the Physical memory ebing consumed by a process. I have noticed that the physical memory starts to get used up at approximately 2 am every day.

This issued has occured since an Outbound SMTP Gateway server was decommissioned a week ago. At the same time an automated report (e-mail with xls attachment)has also being failed to be sent out. My problem is that I cannot find the source for this report.

I Cannot locate a rule for this either. Could it be a Data Exchange job & if so how can I stop it or re-direct the report to the new SMTP address.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Application Server Hanging (HP OV SD 4.5 SP12)

If it is a report or a rule it may show up in the scheduled tasks view. This may at least help you find the source of the problem.
Mark O'Loughlin
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Re: Application Server Hanging (HP OV SD 4.5 SP12)

Hi Peter,

do you need to update the outbound e-mail server in the admin console-system panel-email?
Are emails from OVSD being delivered in general?
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event