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Appending fields in SD 4.5

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Appending fields in SD 4.5

Hi all!

Has anyone tried appending text fields to each other in SD. This is what we want to do:

1. Have a text field where general notes are typed in
2. Press an "Apply" buttons which triggers an UI rule that copies the information to a "Read-only" field and blanks the information in the notes field. If possible, we also want to add information on who created the note and when it was done.
3. The next time a note is added this information is appended to the destination "Read-only" field

I have seen this kind of functionality in an existing solution a while ago but I´m not sure how it was done. If it could be done via Business Rules that would be the best of course.

Mark O'Loughlin
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Re: Appending fields in SD 4.5

Hi Rodd,

one example is posted here. Using the concatenate function you can build a runig diary and within the rule you can concatenate attributes such as date and names in order to show who made the updates.

2 rules are required. one to do the concatenate and make the running diary and one one to clear the update field.

Make the field that holds the update read only via roles.
Saurabh Dubey
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Re: Appending fields in SD 4.5

Hi Rodd,

1. Create a the two required fields, one as the temporary UPDATEINFO column, and other as the NOTES Field.

2. Create a UI rule that gets triggered when that particular UPDATEINFO field is modified, and the action should be
b) clear UPDATEINFO.

When a value has changed
where UPDATEINFO (*) is anything
Update NOTES (Update Data) NOTES set to (Concatenate [NOTES] With [UPDATEINFO]); UPDATEINFO set to (Make empty)

3. Also, go to Tools->System->Security->Audit->Audit Rules->"Incident/Service Call" (wherever this rule is applied to) Enable the Audit of UPDATEINFO field. This will store who and when changed this field.

You don't need the apply button, the moment the UPDATEINFO field is changed, the info will be copied to NOTES field and UPDATEINFO field will become empty.

This should help you out...


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