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Analyzed Data - Why so few entries (SD 5.0)

Thorfinn Thomas
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Analyzed Data - Why so few entries (SD 5.0)

Hi all.

I am trying to understand Analyzed Data, and how to get reliable reports from it.
I have enabled Analyzed Data for Service Calls,(Re)generated database views for reporting, refreshed Analyzed Data, and what do I get?
185 entries from 23 different Service Calls. In a system with more than 11,000 service calls, and Audit on every single attribute (and has been for a long time)!

I cannot find any logic in criterias the system uses to pick out the displayed data.

Some of the analyzed data are 6 months old, and a few are very recent.

Any ideas are appreciated.

Thorfinn Thomassen
Thorfinn Thomas
Regular Collector

Re: Analyzed Data - Why so few entries (SD 5.0)

Hi again,

Hmm, now the number of entries is decreasing as well...
In the last 30 minutes I have tried refreshing all analyzed data in Batch Mode a few times, first from Gui, and last from command line.
After my last refresh, where I did a command line refresh of all items (OvSdRefreshAnalyzedData.bat /allitems), the number of analyzed data entries decreased from 187 to 157.

The view has no filter.

Weird stuff...
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Re: Analyzed Data - Why so few entries (SD 5.0)

Hey Thorfinn,

After over a year asking, begging, and screaming for support on a wide range of reporting issues, I've plain old given up on doing anything WITHIN OVSD to present usefull information. The tool just wasn't designed for reporting, and support doesn't give a damn what reporting means to you.

You're not without hope though (especially if you have Crystal Reports laying around). I'd be more than happy to help you on the Crystal side free of charge.

What's the "bigger picture" here. Is it that you want Analyzed Data to be useful? Or do you have specific reporting needs you figured analyzed data may help with?

Lets see what your reporting requirements are and I'll help you get the answers the tool will NEVER give you.

Thorfinn Thomas
Regular Collector

Re: Analyzed Data - Why so few entries (SD 5.0)


Thanks for your reply.
I was hoping to find a way of producing reports from History data, which seemed to be what Analyzed data does. But I do not want reports from unreliable data sources, so I guess we'll have to settle with intricate queries in Crystal instead.

We're about to start implementing and using Crystal Reports anyway.

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