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Alternate outbound From: address by rule?


Alternate outbound From: address by rule?

Our e-mail property setting for outbound e-mail is set up so that the From: address is

Now that we have included abuse in Service desk we wish that the From: address on outbound abuse-related e-mails is set to instead of the system default. We have tried to change the From: address via a UI-rule, but the system default overrides this it seems.

Does anyone have a cool solution for alternate e-mail From: adresses? We have SD 4.5 SP21.

George M. Meneg
Honored Contributor

Re: Alternate outbound From: address by rule?

Hello Michael,

Have you tried to create an e-mail service call UI rule to set "From"? Though "From" appears read only in new e-mail service call, it can be overwritten by a ui rule, at least this works on OVSD 4.5 SP20.
menes fhtagn

Re: Alternate outbound From: address by rule?

Hi George.

Yes, I have tried that. When I send mail from SD all apppears well, From: address is filled out correctly according to the UI-rule that changes it.

Also in the view that display incoming/outgoing e-mail all is well, the correct address is shown in the view.

However, the recipient still gets the global settings address. No joy..

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event