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Alarms from NNM to OVSD

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Alarms from NNM to OVSD


When you receive alarms from NNM to OVSD:

1st case a single incident is created for the whole event which is then automatically updated with its :
actual start and actual finish.


* 2nd case, two incidents are created: e.g one when the link is down and another one when the link is back up.

In the 1st case, how do you manage to identify the incident in order to:
* set-up the actual finish to the good incident
* avoid updating old incident in case of instability of network.

In the 2nd case, I have to relate those two incident to a problem. I need the problem to automatically get:
* the actual start of the 1st incident
* the actual finish of the 2nd incident
Is this possble?

Thank you!