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Advanced Find Form

Alfio Torrisi
Super Contributor.

Advanced Find Form

I use ServiceDesk 5.0.

Is possible to disable from windows client "Advanced Find" function (and F2 function) for a role?

Thank you

Point available!!
Igor 'bis' Bari
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Re: Advanced Find Form

Sad news: No way in SD45. I think you should look for new Folder structure to disallow search on records.
Good news: You can do such thing in SM7.
Alfio Torrisi
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Re: Advanced Find Form

thanks for your answer..
It is possible in SD5.0 filter the Advanced Find results by default?

I want that my customer could view only his calls...Actually i restrict his view, but if he push F2 can use Advanced Find to find all service calls in my system (of other customers too).
I know that with SD5.1 it is possible, but i cannot migrate...

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Re: Advanced Find Form

Hi Alfio,

The only way this is possible is to make a folder for each customer and limit access only to the folder the customer is in.

For example Customer A is in Folder A where he has full access, for folder B he has no access.

You will have to set up this logic for old and new items to work.

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