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Adding in Numeric Fields

Peter Dent
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Adding in Numeric Fields


I'm running SD4.5 on SP17.

I have six numeric fields on a form. Five for input from the user and the last is a Total field.

I've created a UI rule to add the values from the input fields and update the Total field with the result.

Very straight forward.....except it doesn't work???

No matter what I do the Total field is not updated. I even tried just setting it to a specified value in the rule....nothing happens.

The rule is being triggered because I also updated the comments field with some data just to se if it was firing.

Why can I not update the numeric field?

This very simple rule looks like:

When a value has changed
where Review Type (*) equals 6 Month
Add Score (Update Data) Total Score set to ( [Competencies] + ( [Key Results] + ( [Deliv.Standard] + ( [Deliv.Timescale] + [Gen.Demeanour]))))
Peter Dent
Outstanding Contributor.

Re: Adding in Numeric Fields

Its ok, I found the solution......doh!

For some reason I had set the maximum value of the Total field to be 3!!!!!!

Obviously the total was more than that so it couldn't display it....fool or what?