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Adding custom fields to Service pages

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Adding custom fields to Service pages

Hello all!
I created custom field (string 255) and placed it to service call form. Also i placed it to Service pages "new service call" page.
But there is an issue - this field is full accessible only under named/concurrent licensed user and under SP account this field is accessible only for reading. But i need this field to be full accessible under SP accounts.

I did something wrong or custom fields aren't full accesible on Service pages under SP accounts?

Service desk 4.5, service pack 23
The Pike
Honored Contributor

Re: Adding custom fields to Service pages

First thing to look at is the Role your Service Pages use.

Next, look at the status codes for which the custom field is active.

Hope this helps.
Points (and pints) are welcome!

The Pike

Re: Adding custom fields to Service pages

SP account has the same role as licensed account.
Custom field's status is 'active'.

I added Solution field to service pages and it is accessible only for view under SP account and has full access under licensed account.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event