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Adding another custom field (person) in SD 5.1

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Adding another custom field (person) in SD 5.1

Hi Guys,

In WorkOrders, there maybe 2 persons working on the same issue...
What the customer wants is to put in the Workorder form a custom field that will display the person's list.
I have used the custom field (person) & I have put it in the form & it's working fine.
but how can we add another custom field (person)? the only custom fields available are for different tables (organization, configuration item...) & (text...)

Is there a way to create another custom field (person)?

The Pike
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Re: Adding another custom field (person) in SD 5.1

In SD4.5 there is the possibility of creating
unlimited custom fields.

In SD5.10 this functionality does not exist and as you know already there is only 1 Custom Person field for the Work Order module.

Points for the contribution are welcome.

The Pike