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Adding and deleting custom fields

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Adding and deleting custom fields

Hi there,

we´re on HPSD 4.5 sp22, we´re run out of Service Calls date custon fields and I want to add new custon fields.
We were told that this addiction can bring us performance problems, if so, how can I undo this operation ?

Mike Bush
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Re: Adding and deleting custom fields

I don't believe adding a few fields will impact performance, the only warning would be "don't go mad adding hundreds".

What happens is that as well as a "base" record and the good old "custom fields" record you start to get additional small "extension" records to hold the new custom fields. By experimentation I have found that adding several "small" fields is quite efficient - they all go into one "extension" record. if you add TEXT(4000) you seem to trigger a record for each.

As for "undoing" the effect - I'm not sure you can - but disabling the extended custom fields might stop any more "extension" records being created.