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Adding a field in HPSD 4.5 sp22

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Adding a field in HPSD 4.5 sp22

Hi there,

I want to add a Workgroup field at the Service Call form, bút, since we run out of Workgroups fields for Service Call, I don´t know how to do that. We are told that sp22 allows administrators to add new fields of a fulled type, is that true ? How can we do that ?

Ruth Porter
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Re: Adding a field in HPSD 4.5 sp22

Hi there,
Go to Tools>System>Data>Custom fields and click the Service Call area.

Then do right mouse, new and select item type of Service Call, Validation type, select entity reference, and select workgroup as Entity to. Give it a name and a key value (this is used in the Web API if you want to access this field). Note you cannot change the item and field key once have added a custom field.

See also the section on SP 18 in sd45_sp20_addendum_en.pdf which is available in the folder doc where you expanded the service pack.

Hope this helps, Ruth