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Adding Custom Fields to CI Category Form

Kim Holden
Trusted Contributor.

Adding Custom Fields to CI Category Form

Hi Everyone

I've been asked to add 3 "description" type fields to our "CI Category" form. I have found the form, I have created the custom fields. However, the custom fields are not available for inclusion on the form.

The "CI Category" form is different to all the other forms I have had to deal with so far, it can be found under Presentation > Forms > Codes > CI Category - rather than just Presentation > Forms > like the others.

Could someone tell me why this form is different from the others and in what way? And could you please advise me how to create the new fields in a way that I can place them on this form :) They only need to be text fields.

I am using SD4.5 SP21.

I hope this makes sense.


Kim Holden