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Adding CI to CI relationships

Jay Mistry
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Adding CI to CI relationships


Is there a way to mass relate CI to CI?
I have looked at some previous posts but they are fairly old and maybe out of date now following further SP releases.

We are on SD4.5 SP18

I have also tried to use advanced find to show us all the CI to CI relationships using Related Cis;CI to; but this does not seem to work.

Can anybody help?

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Re: Adding CI to CI relationships

Quite a while ago that I worked with OVSD 4.5...

If this is more or less a "one-timer" you have to do or something an OVSD admin will have to do, you should consider using data exchange functions for that. Create a text file or Excel spreadsheet listing all the CI-CI relations you need to add and import it. Quite easy when you worked with data exchange before.

If you are looking for an "enduser-friendly" way to do mass relations on a day-to-day basis, this is probably not sufficient and you need something more or wrap something around the import to make it more user-friendly.