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Add person field to location (SD 4.5 sp26)

Dennis Genge
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Add person field to location (SD 4.5 sp26)

I would like to add a person type field to a location for "After Hours Access Contact" for buildings, but am unable to do so. Does anyone have a simple way to do this.
I was thinking of a more complicated way would be to create my own CI type for locations and not using the built-in location, but that would require alot work since I would have to rework all form with a location in them. Anybody have alternatives. Thanks.
Mike Bush
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Re: Add person field to location (SD 4.5 sp26)

In SD4.5 Location is a crude "CODE" object and does not have custom fields, SD 5 fixed this but you don't want to go there!

I have seen a couple of sites now where Location has been replaced by Organization - but this will take you a lot of time/effort to set up and switch to.