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Add attachment via email

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Turan Atac
Trusted Contributor.

Add attachment via email

Hi all,

I'd like to ask how an attachment can be added via email.

As most of you remember, this functionality exists in "HP Enterprise Support" after opening a case as below:

"NOTE: Larger documents and files can be attached to this case by sending an email to:"

12345678 is the case number, and HP somehow takes this attachment from the mail i sent and attach it to the case number 12345678. I want to develop same functionality in Service Desk. Is there anyone who has done this, or can give a clue about how such a functionality can be developed.

By the way, my SD version is SD5 SP1, but i think any implementations done with all SD versions would be helpful.

Thanks in advance...
Ruth Porter
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Add attachment via email

Hi there,

I think this is standard functionality.

Try Ov Configuration>System settings>Email settings and go to Email commands tab. If you Edit the New and Update commands, you shouyld see a tick (check) box for including attachments and then if a file is attached to the email it will be attached to the call.

Hope this helps

Turan Atac
Trusted Contributor.

Re: Add attachment via email

Hello Ruth,

I didn't realise it before. I saw the title E-mail in the Administrators Guide, and it seems that there's plenty of details written there. Thank you.