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Access to Person details

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Peter Dent
Outstanding Contributor.

Access to Person details


I'm running SD 4.5 on SP17.

I have a requirement to retrieve the Person record attributes, such as Search Code, for the current person.

By current person I mean the person currently logged in and operating HPOV via the full GUI client.

For example, if Joe Bloggs, (sorry Joe), is logged in and dealing with Service Calls, I want to be able to automatically populate a field on the form with Joe's Search Code.

I know HPOV allows me to retrieve the Current Person, via a rule, but this only returns the full name.

I'm not sure how, or if, I can use that to access the other Person attributes. I suppose I will need to use a Person type field somehow?

Suggestions would be gratefully received and rewarded with points!

George M. Meneg
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Access to Person details

Hello Peter,

Just activate a custom person field on service call. Then create a ui rule like this:

When an item is opened set custom person field to custom person.

Then the searchcode (and all other person fields) will be available.

For example to get the searchcode just enter another update data in the ui rule and set a service call text field to Custom person;Searchcode.
menes fhtagn
Alexey Dukov
Outstanding Contributor.

Re: Access to Person details

Hi Peter!
In whet field type you need to populate Search Code?

Also if you update field caller,
Search Code you can find if set cursor to this field. (Current person you can set by Templates)

If you need just information about Person, you can config quick view in Tools--> Sustem--> Presentation--> Search. There you can add some fields, from Person card.

Hope this help.

Best regards,

Peter Dent
Outstanding Contributor.

Re: Access to Person details


Thanks, that was easy, sometimes I just can't see the wood for the trees!

Problem solved.

Alexey, thanks for the input, your help is much appreciated.