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Access problem

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Access problem

My set up is HPOV 5.0 with no SP's.

I am facing a problem daily in accessing HPOV, lot of different users are not able to login/access to HPOV.

I guess itâ s a licenses problem currently I ma having 10 concurrent and 10 named licenses. This problem is with respect to concurrent users. I need to know whether I am right or is there any other problems so that I am facing this problem.

Please note the attachment for better understanding of the problem and request to provide the solution as soon as possible for the same.

Thanking you in advance
Steven De Smet
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Re: Access problem


Login in with your admin account and in the admin module go to security, audit and logged in users. Change the view so you can see the witch users are concurrent are not. If you hear from someone who is having login problems again, refresh the view and see how many concurrent users are logged in at the moment.

In this way you can make sure if the problem is related to the number of licenses or not.

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Re: Access problem

Hi Steven,

Thanks for the guidence, I am checking number of users connected to HPOV server often and often as you mentioned, I am getting connection successful when the number of users are less than 10. I will also check when more users are connected i.e. more than 10 users. If once agin if I face any problem I will get in touch with you.

Thanks for quick reply, I also subbmited points for the same.