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ACES import/export cross servicepacks

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Jan Gunnar Helg
Honored Contributor.

ACES import/export cross servicepacks


Our production environment is SP17
Our development environment is SP21

We plan to upgrade production to SP17 but not just yet. I do however need to import some changes I have done on development in to production, will I run into any problems since these are running on different service packs? I will not be importing anything that only SP21 could give me
Jan Schepers
Super Contributor.

Re: ACES import/export cross servicepacks


When you do an ACE export, the resulting xml file contains the exact version in the header and if you import that just as is in another version you will get an error that the versions don't match. You can however change the header of the xml file to match the new SP version (using notepad) and then do the import. When you do so, just make sure to backup the original xml since sometimes it refuses to accept the modified xml. And of course best do it first in a test environment.

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Re: ACES import/export cross servicepacks

Hi Jan,

This is a problem we are facing in our existing release. In fact you have to upgrade first your Production environment to SP 21 and then import your ACES.
Importing ACES which SP is different triggers an Error.

The other thing you can do is downgrade your dev environment to SP17 but this is risky and you could lose parts of your developments if you're using functionalities that are available above SP 17.

Personaly I did not yet tried to update the ACES XML files (Changing the Header as Jan, proposed). But if you feel comfortable with this you can try it.

Hope this helps,
George M. Meneg
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Re: ACES import/export cross servicepacks

Hello Jan,

You should avoid templates (because in SP19 and later, templates have "folder" attribute) and SP17 templates haven't. Also, you should be also very careful in importing Codes. In SP20 there was added the ability to create custom codes and since I don't have SP17 any longer I can't recall if the structure of REP_CODES (and related to it tables) have been altered.
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