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5.10.028 Misc. Client Problems

Andy Cravens_2
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5.10.028 Misc. Client Problems

We have a fresh install of ServiceDesk 5.10.028 on Solaris 9 and we're eseeing strange behavior in our clients (both Solaris and Windows clients).

We've already applied the Xvfb fix for Solaris which is listed in the release notes. However, we have these remaining client issues which make the software basically unusable.

Most of these are related to service calls, and have been observed more than once, but not necessarily completely consistently:

Field value (e.g. Description) which is visible in main list view not visible (existent?) when opening the individual ticket

Field values appear and disappear between successive openings of same ticket in same form.

Field values visible in thick client are not visible in the web client (and vice versa) for the same ticket

When using up and down arrows to navigate between tickets in a given view, some field data values are "carried along", that is: description, assignment, etc for previous ticket may continue to be displayed for next ticket after pressing arrow key, even though the present ticket has its own unique values.

Cannot modify service call ticket which is assigned to current user, even though permissions are set to allow users to modify tickets assigned to them personally or to their workgroup.

If you fill in a Person as "Caller" (*not* To Person!), then erase and try to re-enter, SD refuses to let you enter a different Person unless they are a member of original (erased) Person's workgroup.

Service call workspace which is visible in thick client disappears from web client after restarting server.