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5.1 issues starting second server object

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5.1 issues starting second server object

Hi Folks,

We are running 5.1 SP1 in a Windows Server 2003 environment and I am trying to improve our server performance. The recommendation from HP support has been to create a new instance of the server object following the instruction in the on-line help under “Configure Multiple Object Server Instances”. Unfortunately, this process fails every time we try and support does not seem to have an answer as yet.

The error we get is
C:\Program Files\HP OpenView\data\conf\obs>ovc -start
(ctrl-7) Error in the target component.

We have checked the format of the new xml file and everything appears to be correct. Does anyone have any ideas on how to resolve this?

Many Thanks…Andrew
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Re: 5.1 issues starting second server object

Hi Folks,

I thought I would update this as we have resolved the issue with the assistance of HP support. Basically, the help files are wrong in some subtle ways. Here are the steps:

Correct steps for doing the update are:
- got to the help file and find the section on "Create an Object Server Control File". Follow the instructions with one change; edit the file from the conf\obs directory NOT the conf\ctrl directory. The file in the ctrl directory is created by registering the server object. Be sure to add the step on accepting console clients
- Then go to the section on "Register and Start an Object Server Instance" and follow the instructions on using ovcreg. Do not start the service yet.
- Go to the Server Configuration utility and on the General Tab check the "Join Multiple Servers" check box.
- Restart the services by using 0vc -stop, ovc -kill, ovc -start.
- When you run ovc -status you should see the new object.

Cheersâ ¦Andrew