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Group servers for several administrators

Stefan Meskens
Acclaimed Contributor

Group servers for several administrators

In our company we have several administrators on different locations.
I 'am located in the headquarter and have an overview of all servers of all locations by CIM7 SP1.2.
I would like to create a user for each location and that user must me able to log on to the CIM and see only the servers on his site.
Defining a query for each site is no problem , but can I assign such a query to a user ?
Brent Ingler
Occasional Visitor

Re: Group servers for several administrators

One thing you can do is log in as each user, and click on the "Configure Me!" link on the far right. You can then define which query will be used for the default view. I don't know of any way that you can keep the admins from changing that, though. If logging in is not an option, then instructions to each admin would also achieve the same result. I guess it comes down to either trust, or installing a separate instance of CIM in each of the locations.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event