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where to download the file ?

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where to download the file ?


mkdir /tmp/osbp_import

unzip –d /tmp/osbp_import /var/tmp/

/opt/opsware/cbt/bin/cbt –cf /var/tmp/core.cfg –i /tmp/osbp_import

where to download the file ?
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Re: where to download the file ?

Installing and Configuring DET

The following instructions detail how to install and configure the DCML Exchange Tool


The DCML Exchange Tool (DET) can be run on any UNIX computer, though not necessarily a

managed server. (Although DET is not supported on the Windows platform, it does support

import and export of Windows content.)


Log on as root to a server managed by HP Server Automation.


Obtain the HP Server Automation installation media.


Mount the HP Server Automation product DVD.


On the DVD, locate the cbt-<version>.zip file, which resides in the packages



Copy the zip file to the directory where you want to install DET.


Unzip the zip file.


If you do not already have them, download JRE 1.4.x or JDK 1.6.x from, and

install it on the server where you have logged in.


Set your JAVA_HOME environment variable to point to a Java 1.4.x installation. For

example, in csh you would issue the following command:

% setenv JAVA_HOME <j2re 1.4.x installation>


Optionally, you can set the PATH environment variable to include the DET install




To verify that you have performed the previous steps correctly, enter the following


% cd <cbt-install_dir>/bin

% ./cbt -v

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Re: where to download the file ?

cbt tool is needed after you unpack the file...

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Re: where to download the file ?

The download of the content use of Software Support Online.


Go to

Click the "Downloads" tab

Click "Software Updates"

Click "My Updates"

Select or enter SAID

Click on checkbox to agree to terms

Select your HP product from the list


Data Center Automation Center


Server Automation


the content is part of the upload:


This is version 9.0


Software_Server_Automation_9.00_Oracle_A_T8900_15031_A.iso         4dde1aa7355233fc25dc91496f1bdc36

Software_Server_Automation_9.00_Oracle_B_T8900_15031_B.iso         4e2abe8f1cf03a803548e9d3c672bf9e

Software_Server_Automation_9.00_Oracle_C_T8900_15031_C.iso        86ccd1b708c207896c7b69462bbb35b9

Software_Server_Automation_9.00_Oracle_D_T8900_15031_D.iso         58d3e2cf848bf2a44c1326039b75e641

Software_Server_Automation_9.00_Oracle_E_T8900_15031_E.iso        2208eabda360653c6841c5146aed98d8

Software_Server_Automation_9.00_Oracle_F_T8900_15031_F.iso         81f328ccdf708bd10a05dbf5fa8ec982


Software_Server_Automation_9.00_Primary_A_T8900_15029_A.iso        dfcb6dd010b9599e8a34152cf25181fe

Software_Server_Automation_9.00_Primary_B_T8900_15029_B.iso        93bb5d81b7580326832aff8fe0efc038

Software_Server_Automation_9.00_Primary_C_T8900_15029_C.iso        f77f1ba84c0ea3f4c4d3e98904e9e078

Software_Server_Automation_9.00_Primary_D_T8900_15029_D.iso        0810c39a1e2e18d4138e6e01a3a13f4f

Software_Server_Automation_9.00_Primary_E_T8900_15029_E.iso        7b9c7286e537bf990133f6a8e7e5925a

Software_Server_Automation_9.00_Primary_F_T8900_15029_F.iso        0c9506fb37c869fab6e3b795884fab10

Software_Server_Automation_9.00_Primary_G_T8900_15029_G.iso        fa7791d492fd022b039eaa3e96a331c1

Software_Server_Automation_9.00_Primary_H_T8900_15029_H.iso        7a7efb3b5049d09c038d0fdd52599571



Software_Server_Automation_9.00_Upload_A_T8900_15030_A.iso         9fc49d822955cbc18767eefca02088c3

Software_Server_Automation_9.00_Upload_B_T8900_15030_B.iso        fb7c91081e583647c932061524857140

Software_Server_Automation_9.00_Upload_C_T8900_15030_C.iso         61a714e1815ed76ffb8b31a8c464a0d9

Software_Server_Automation_9.00_Upload_D_T8900_15030_D.iso         a273a3ad8eb7d3695cb401369bfc10cb

Software_Server_Automation_9.00_Upload_E_T8900_15030_E.iso        96add872c479b3c436380818aec23a1e

Software_Server_Automation_9.00_Upload_F_T8900_15030_F.iso         33c682ef115b187d21aef7d6ffa03376



Software_Server_Automation_9.00_sat_base_A_T8900_15032_A.iso       2f987218b5eeb9c2e0bf979fa06ccf71

Software_Server_Automation_9.00_sat_base_B_T8900_15032_B.iso     5acc89170d0c222cad72096980849a4a



Software_Server_Automation_9.00_sat_osprov_A_T8900_15033_A.iso   4730f236a07b98abadc8cd45b97cddb7

Software_Server_Automation_9.00_sat_osprov_B_T8900_15033_B.iso   12a9d8d523329722de4ccb4fd481f6e3

Software_Server_Automation_9.00_sat_osprov_C_T8900_15033_C.iso    acd59c04447f9d9d9e0c54e02fc9ed6f

Software_Server_Automation_9.00_sat_osprov_D_T8900_15033_D.iso    73bf10ba9f02d804bb29caeccc7860bc



Product ID                          Distribution Name                                          md5sum


T8900-15029            Primary                                                                  ad1049621a99cd406b42a06bad93c029

T8900-15030             upload                                                                   57f0ac825684aa368fe21fbeb9affbbc

T8900-15031             oracle_sas                                                            66cd04b1955cc5b37bb55228b3cc0bfb

T8900-15032             sat_base                                                               d9afb81a48db490265df54e0acb6b749

T8900-15033             sat_osprov                                                           774ff9af85b40bffcabc8b6105c4fdbe


Which Version you need?


Kind regards



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Re: where to download the file ?

the meaning of abbreviations a b c d e ?

in what way exactly is this archive?

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Re: where to download the file ?

The easy way use the cat command for all package:


cat Software_Server_Automation_9.0_Upload_A_T8900_15036_A.iso > /tmp/T8900-15036-upload.iso
cat Software_Server_Automation_9.0_Upload_B_T8900_15036_B.iso >> /tmp/T8900-15036-upload.iso
cat Software_Server_Automation_9.0_Upload_C_T8900_15036_C.iso >> /tmp/T8900-15036-upload.iso




Kind regards


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Re: where to download the file ?


I do not have access to download these images: (

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Re: where to download the file ?

You have a valid support contract for Server Automation?

You add the SAID to your user account?



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Re: where to download the file ?

there is nothing
I now only try this product
probably one of the images I got fully

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Re: where to download the file ?



if the server automation is already installed.

You need configure HPLivenetwork and the OS Build Plans automation loaded to Server Automation Core if all requirement are fulfilled.

Also user guide is available on HPLivenetwork.


OS Build Plan Updates

On occasion, new baseline OS Build Plans may be released. You will be required to download

these Build Plans from the HP Live Network and install them using the DCML (DET) tool.

Installation instructions and detailed descriptions for each baseline OS Build Plan are

included with the download. Installation steps will be similar to the following:

mkdir /tmp/osbp_import

unzip –d /tmp/osbp_import /var/tmp/

/opt/opsware/cbt/bin/cbt –cf /var/tmp/core.cfg –i /tmp/osbp_import



HPLN Livenetwork

To get started, please visit and use the credentials below to log in.

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Re: where to download the file ?


Could you describe content of every image in your list?

May be Primary image includes other options of other images.

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Re: where to download the file ?



Describing the content of each ISO disk in a release is beyond the scope of this group or these forums. Please read the release notes for the version of SA you're installing and if you are still unclear on how to assemble the release from the ISO images, or have questions about the content, I recommend you open a case with HP Support.


You can find the release notes in Software Support Online. There is a link to "Manuals" on the right hand "Short-cuts" bar. Or, here's a link:


Best wishes!

HP Premier Support

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