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configure iptables to cross vlans

Todd McDaniel_1
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configure iptables to cross vlans

I have an issue now where I cant connect to 1521 for my database listener, we moved our servers into production and they are now on different vlans.


If anyone has knowledge how to create an entry for iptables to cross the vlan for RHEL 5.8, please let me know.




Todd McDaniel

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Re: configure iptables to cross vlans

Do what? iptables to cross the vlan ? Do you mean using DNAT ? You will need to add/configure an interface for the vlan and with DNAT you could add a redirect when tcp dport is 1521. 


For SA's database listener you would probably need to reconfigure the database settings, something typically done via professional services/support.


If you are seeing an actual error feel free to post it here. 

Filippos Chalvatzoglou
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