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change to server configuration

Bertram Fukuda
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change to server configuration

If someone makes a change to the server configuration via HPSA Web Client, are those changes logged somewhere.  If so, where?  I looked in /var/log/opsware and /var/opt/opsware but couldn't find anything that stuck out.



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Re: change to server configuration

Logs for globale Shell:

See Page 184 Admin guide
The info Global Shell Audit Logs


• Shell event logs

• Shell stream logs

• Shell script logs


Shell Event Logs


The shell event logs contain information about operations that users have performed on

managed servers with the Global Shell. These logs are in the following directory (where

ogfs-host is the name of the server running the OGFS):




The log file name has the following syntax (where n is the log rotation number):


For each event, SA writes a single line to an event log file. Each line in the log file contains

the following information about the event:

• Unique ID of the event

• Unique ID of the parent event

• Date of the operation

• ID of the SA user who performed the operation

• Name of the SA user who performed the operation

• Name of the component that generated the audit event

• Version of the SA component that generated the audit event

• Name of the SA feature which generated the audit event

• Name of the operation (action)

• Verbosity level

• Exit status of the event

• ID of the managed server

• Name of the managed server

• Details of the event

The following example shows a single line in an audit event log file:

jdoe@m185:051202182224813:13 jdoe@m185:051202182224790:12

2006/01/28-12:40:19.622 User.Id=2610003 User.Name=jdoe

Hub:1.1 GlobalShell AgentRunTrustedScript 1 OK


ConnectMethod=PUSH RemotePath= RemoteUser=root

ScriptVersion=30b.2.1572 ChangeTime=1128971572


In this example, the first field is the ID of the event:


This ID field has the following syntax:


The n at the end of the ID field is a sequence number of the audit event generated in a

session. The ID field matches the name of a shell stream log file.

Bertram Fukuda
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Re: change to server configuration


   Thanks for the reply and great info.  Do you know if I make changes to the configuration via the web browser if that data is captured somewhere.  I'm sure it has to be but just not sure where to look.