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application configuraion template for httpd.conf file


application configuraion template for httpd.conf file

Hi All,

i supposed to create app..config template for httpd.conf file but i've some doubts in it..

1. Namespace has given definition as â This defines where in the opsware model repository values read by the CML template will be storedâ ¦

Doubt: I can identify that httpd.confâ ll be in /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.confâ ¦. How I can identify that where ll be the conf file there in model repositoryâ ¦.. ????

2.Can I use the relative names multiple times in the single template.. ???

eg: in global environment section has a variable Listen which contains both ip address:port and also in main configuration section has port.. so I used @port@ in both the places as

Listen @host_ip;string;;sequence-delimiter=â :â @:@port@
Port @port@

3.How to identify the names ll be absolute and relative in the template???

4. In httpd conf file has few loop.. so i used only one loop and given all the statements inside the loop.. is that correct or not?

5. In loop tag, can we give any name as source name?
eg. in global environment section i've added a loop like
ServerType @server_typename;string@

is the name ServerValues correct or not?

Well i'm novice in sas.. just have a 1 week training and 1 week working knowledge.. Plz guide me...

Thanks in advance...

I've attached the tpl file....




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