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Upgrading W2008 R2 agents - error

Alan Sharp
Trusted Contributor.

Upgrading W2008 R2 agents - error

When running the custom extension in the web client to upgrade agents, we are receiving
"Wordbot Error: 500: Error executing oplet: "
This only happens on the R2 clients.
Environment is SA v7.82, agents are v37.; attempting to upgrade to v37.
The agent update is required in order for the agents to recognize the extra digit in Microsoft's new KB naming convention.
Opening a ticket tomorrow, just throwing it out there in case someone has already seen it.



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Alan Sharp
Trusted Contributor.

Re: Upgrading W2008 R2 agents - error

Update to this error:
No hotfix or workaround provided. Upgrading to 7.84 is the solution. With the upgrade to 7.84, the OS class for 2008 R2 is created and thus allows for proper support.