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Upgrade Server Automation from 9.13 to 10.01

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Upgrade Server Automation from 9.13 to 10.01



I'm running hp Server Automation 9.13 on Linux Redhat 5.3

I'm planng to upgrade the system to version 10.01 i need to know the below:


- Do i need to downgrade first, and how to do that?

- Does the same ISO files for the installation will be used for the upgrade or they will be different?

- What benefits i will get from the upgrade?

- If i need to perform a fresh new installation, how can i keep the license? also if an install guide is available this will be much appreciated.

- Is it required to upgrade linux to version 5.10?



Kareem Hamed


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Re: Upgrade Server Automation from 9.13 to 10.01

I see no reason you can't update to Red Hat 5.8 or 5.9.  Maybe you know something I do not.


You have to downgrade to 9.10, then you can upgrade to 10, then to 10.01.  Hopefully 10.10 will be out soon.  You may want to open a support ticket to validate my response.


Go get the SA_10_UpgradeGuide.pdf and read through all 84 pages before you take any action.