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Server Automation and Operations Orchestration Integration

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Server Automation and Operations Orchestration Integration



I am trying to create a virtual machine on ESX 4.0 using SA 9.0 and OO 9.0. The flow is configured to do the following steps


  1. Obtain the data store on the ESX server – works fine, lists the local data store (local hard disk on the blade server)
  2. Provide the list of OS supported in SA – works fine, gives the list of OS images
  3. Create Virtual machine on the ESX – Gives error saying “Received invalid disk configuration. The number of disk drives specified (0) must equal the number of disk capacities 1 provided”


The error is kind of confusing because, in the flow inputs, the number of disk parameters doesn’t exist. It has inputs such as disk capacity, memory size, virtual CPUs etc. required to create a virtual machine.


Was wondering if it’s taking the value from somewhere else? Is there any way to bypass the particular parameter?

Any inputs will be appreciated.