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Server Automation Support Matrix

Hi All,

I am new to the BSA suite. Wanted to know if Server Automation 7.8 supports any other database other than Oracle which needs to be installed on a 64-bit OS(such as MS SQL, Postgre)? We are trying to install this in our lab for testing. Also wanted to know if we can install SA 7.8 on a Virtual machine?

Where can we find the support martix for the BSA suite. I searched on the HP site, but in vain.

Krishna. S
Andrew C Fields
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Re: Server Automation Support Matrix

There's a link to all of the support matrices from the support website (, under the "Reference Info" section (you may have to scroll down to see it). You'll need an active contract associated with your HP passport.
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Re: Server Automation Support Matrix

There's no support matrix on the reference section for NA or SA.

As i know "SA" it's just supported on Linux and Solaris which means you cannot use MS SQL. Postgre isn't supported.

A ORACLE version it's included in the installation of the SA.

Talking about installing on virtual machines this is the answer:

"A guest OS (virtual machine) of a VMWare ESX server is not supported as an SA core

I hope the information was good for you!.
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