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SA installation error

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Occasional Advisor

SA installation error

Hi everyone



While installing SA on RHEL5.4,getting following failire error.

Please help me in resolving the same,


############ <PREREQUISITE CHECKING BEGIN> ############
/tmp/SA/T8900-15900/opsware_installer/prereq/ core_inst --comps='truth_mm_overlay,infrastructure,slice,osprov' --resp_file='/usr/tmp/oiresponse.slices_master_typical'
Processing on Linux/5Server-X86_64 using /tmp/SA/T8900-15900/opsware_installer/prereq/Linux_core_inst_rqmts.conf
Checking 'required' packages for Linux/5Server-X86_64
FAILURE These packages are required but not installed.
If a version is specified, that version or higher is required.
nfs-utils x86_64

Checking 'required' patches for LINUX/5SERVER-X86_64
Checking 'recommended' packages for LINUX/5SERVER-X86_64
Checking 'absent' packages for LINUX/5SERVER-X86_64
Testing system memory size
Testing for number of CPUs
Checking loopback MTU
Testing hostname for FQDN
Checking file system for case sensitivity
FAILURE File system is not case-sensitive
or perhaps the distribution was copied on
a file system that is not case sensitive.
Checking file system directory link counts
Checking that 'uid=0(root)' can create users and groups
Testing allocated swap space
Testing allocated swap space using oracle rules
Verify timezone is UTC
Testing availability of en_US.UTF-8 or en_US.utf8
Checking system runlevel
Verify Network File System (NFS) is running version 2 and NOT version 4
FAILURE NFS is not running version 2. NFS must be up and running version 2 and NOT version 4.
Checking /tmp /var/tmp for 'ro' mount option
Checking /tmp /var/tmp for 'noexec' mount option
Checking /tmp /var/tmp for 'drwxrwxrwt' permissions
Checking /var/opt/opsware for 'nodev' mount option
Verify that at daemon (atd) is running
Testing to see if SELinux is enabled
Verify that at daemon (nfslock) is running
FAILURE nfslock is not installed
Testing translations of localhost localhost.localdomain
Checking critical paths for symbolic links
Checking available filesystem space
Check for reserved ports in use
Checking ownership of mounted file systems
Require 'files' as first source in nsswitch.conf
Checking for Oracle version in
WARNING Oracle home could not be determined.
Testing liveness of Oracle installation
FAILURE Nothing listening at (

############ <PREREQUISITE CHECKING END> ############
There are some discrepancies in the environment.
These discrepancies should be rationalized either by
satisfying the requirements as noted (see above) or
by adjusting the requirements AFTER verifying that
the requirement is not necessary.

Do you wish to continue with install? (y/n):






Super Collector

Re: SA installation error

It looks like a few issues here and you need to yum install nfs-utils to begin with.  Also


vi /etc/sysconfig/nfs


Make sure the following items are uncommented and set:






You can optionally set the services to use a certain port so it doesn't conflict with the Agent, etc.  I typically use these ports but it is up to your environment








Save and exit the file


Then you just need to restart the following services and rerun the installer:









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Occasional Advisor

Re: SA installation error

Hi pkernan


Thanks for the NFS version problle is solved






//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event