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SA Java client

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SA Java client



Does anyone know how to force stop a job in SA java client once it starts to run and doesn't complete in time for whatever reason. I have a job that has been running for a while but I don't see a way to do a force stop to it. There is an option to do a force stop, but it grayed out. I am an administrator on SA so permissions is not the issue here.



Alan Spandrzyk
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Re: SA Java client

Interesting request, what SA release are you using? Were moving to later release of SA, but on 7.50 there is no way to stop a way job through the SA clients. There are timeouts in the Web client againts remediations etc which you can adjust. Look forward to a better response on SA 9+, Alan 

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Re: SA Java client

If the SA core is hosted on a unix server, you might try to run the below command


/var/opt/santools/canceljob/cancel_session <job_id>

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event