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SA Database Migration from Oracle to Oracle RAC

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SA Database Migration from Oracle to Oracle RAC

Hello, I'm using SA 9.14 with a remote Oracle DB, installed and configured manually.


I plan to migrate to Oracle RAC and on manual SA_9.10_OracleSetupModelRepository.pdf, page 26 I found this statement:


"Oracle RAC support requires a new installation of both Oracle and SA. Therefore, in order to enable Oracle RAC support in SA, you must first install SA and Oracle or configured as described in the following sections."


This apply also to my case? In other words: Do I need to reinstall my SA 9.14 on Oracle RAC or is there a way to keep my existing SA installation and configure it to point to oracle RAC?


In the second case, where can I find a migration procedure?


In both cases, how are data migrated to Oracle RAC ? Is there a documented migration procedure?


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