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SA 7.8 Firewall Ports

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Fred Fang
Trusted Contributor.

SA 7.8 Firewall Ports

I had read the Planning and Installation manual before. I am still confusing in how to open firewall ports properly. Is there someone could help me?

The ports I am confusing:

1. Should Software Repository on Core Server and Software Repository Cache on Satellite Server firewall ports be opened?
2. HP SA Client uses port 8020 to SA Core Server. What port on Core Server should be opened?
3. On SA Satellite Server, port 3001 is used for Agent Gateway Proxy and Satellite Gateway? Is that true? Wouldn’t that cause any problem that one port is used for two different machines?
4. Should firewall ports of Web DAE (1032), DAE (1004), Command Engine (1018) and Global File System (2222) on Core Server be opened? If the answer is yes, what are the source machine/components?

1. There are two LANs. We will install SA Core Server in one LAN and SA Satellite Server in another.
2. OS Provisioning component won’t be installed.
3. SA Core Server and SA Satellite Server could connect to each other across the LANs.
4. There are several network segments in each LAN.

Information required:
1. Which ports of firewall should be opened? (for SA Core Server, SA Satellite Server, SA Client, and SA Agents)
2. Is there any other environment requirements to manage servers across several network segments.
3. Is there any other requirements or any other thing we should notice when implementing?
Adriano Pimente
Respected Contributor.

Re: SA 7.8 Firewall Ports


Fred, take a look in the file attached, please.

If anyone needs, I have a similar file for NAS ....


Adriano Pimentel

Adriano Pimente
Respected Contributor.

Re: SA 7.8 Firewall Ports

Sorry. File attached now!
Fred Fang
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Re: SA 7.8 Firewall Ports

Dear Adriano,

That is really helpful.

Thanks for your help.


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Re: SA 7.8 Firewall Ports

Adriano Pimentel, Great picture. I would like to see the HP-NA one as well if you could attach it.

-- Lars