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Permissions issue

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Permissions issue

Hi All,


I have HP SA 9.14 installed and have finally started playing with it.


I'm creating a series of users that will have restriced access to folders and actions.


I create a new user which I set the folder permissions to read write within e.t.c. to their own home area.


I then attach a user group which has action permissions to create a build plan.


I have no access to create build plans in my home area.


After some playing around I know...


  • if I assign both folder permissions and action permissions into the user group it works.
  • If I assign both folder permissions and action permissions into the user it works.


I just can't combine user permissions, and user group permissions.


Any ideas why this might be ? Am I approaching the problem in the wrong way ?





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Re: Permissions issue

Usually we assign permissions to a group, not to the user itself. When you say you assign user permissions you basically assign the user's "default group" I think.

In general when you start crossing groups it is possible that you experience inconsistencies, due to the way the permissions model is designed. I would say stick all the permissions you need to perform what you need from start to finish rather than trying to combine groups that way. The reason it is that way is in case you want to exclude certain permissions from a user, but it is not always intuitive.
Filippos Chalvatzoglou
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